Silently creeping up
Ripping hearts and lives apart, seam by seam
Why does god hate me
What did I do wrong
Hell on earth
Forced to take sides
Crying when there once was laughter
Depression takes place of happiness
Pain eats away at you, slowly killing you
Lies are part of daily life
Manipulation tears families apart
Leaving empty feelings unable to be filled
Changing lives for the worse
Parents ask why you changed, why you are bitter
I hate because no one shows me how to love
Trust evaporates
Dying slowly from the inside
Not being understood
Losing hope in all things
Stress is daily
Court days endless
Prayer is always, though it never works
Abandoned by everyone
No one gets it
No one tries
Eyes give away everything
Scared of commitment
Suicide becomes an option
My heart is dead.

– Osoanon Nimuss


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